1st Hatch of the Year – Sussex LF 28 February – 1 March 2016

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March 13, 2016 by janem213

The little break in hatching has turned out lengthier than I thought it would – by the time I had decided to hatch more eggs I had to source the right ones and then wait for them arrive then let them rest 24 hours… then wait the requisite weeks for them to develop and finally hatch.

The first hatch this year is of Sussex large fowl chickens. They are top layers and tend to be good, friendly natured birds. I got 12 of 2 different colours – speckled (brown with dots of odd white feathers) and buff. 9 of the speckled hatched but only 4 of the buff…


Hard to tell which colour this one is, 1 day old…


Here are all 13, aged 1 to 3 days old

24 eggs in the incy 6th February, 12 of each colour

A week before the hatch all 12 speckled looked good but 7 buff had been removed

28 Feb-1 Mar, 9 speckled hatched and 4 buff, 13 put of the 24


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