1st Welsh Harlequins – 5-6 March 2016

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March 13, 2016 by janem213

First Welsh Harlequin hatch of the year : )

Outside I have the 5 adult Welsh Harlequins – Jenny, Jack and Jill (Gil) and Silver and Goldy that were Lou’s. I’ve tried everywhere to get 1 or preferably 2 females to add to the group as 2:3 is not a good ratio, but without access. This was an opportunity to hatch some more females but as often with hatches things didn’t quite go to plan…

I got 12 quality eggs, I’d wanted more than 12 but that was all they had available. Only 4 hatched and then one of them died (as happens) leaving 2 boys and a girl. Deja vu!! Jenny & 2 boys, here we go again!


First one to hatch


Having a sleep under a new style electric hen, 6 & 7 days old

12 eggs in the incy 5 February

By lockdown, 3 days before the hatch, 4 eggs had been removed leaving 8

4 ducklings hatched 5-6 March  though sadly one died a couple of days old


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