Oh Boy – the sequel!!!

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March 20, 2016 by janem213

As my earlier post, I had been growing on two pretty back and white females (pullets) to add to my little flock of layers… but one day realised the beautiful silver laced Wyandotte was, er, crowing and looking rather boyish. Oops! It *is* a boy!  Thankfully the (equally lovely and beautiful) barred Plymouth Rock I knew was definitely female – they are an autosexing breed, i.e., you can tell their sex on hatching by the different colour or pattern depending on the breed, the female of this breed has a large white spot on its head when hatched and the male only a small one. I’d chosen the one with the largest spot…

Today Lou was visiting and said she thought she (the Plymouth Rock) looked like a boy, but I knew it was a girl. Not half an hour after Lou left I happened to be looking down the orchard when she (the chicken) puffed herself up, extended her neck – and let out a long and unmistakable cock-a-doodly-doo. Aaaaaarrrrggghhhhhhh!!!!!!! Here she is looking undeniably a little boyish.


So much for autosexing!!!!!!! (or rather my prowess at autosexing!) The Ayam Cemani looks tiny by comparison.


Cocky went to his new home yesterday, to Wendy and family who have just bought several Point of Lay barred Plymouth Rocks : )


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