WH Babies making more WH Babies!

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April 1, 2016 by janem213


My Welsh Harlequin ducks started laying three weeks and one day ago : ) 5 days ago I put lots of their eggs in one of the incys and candled them tonight to find lots of lovely developing babies : ))) (ok, embryos/ ducklings!)

The above is a photo of one of them. Amazing! Ducks that I’ve hatched myself* now making ducks of their own! Brilliant!

Yes, the egg looks quite dirty. When I first started hatching I would use a special solution to sanitise the eggs but some say this affects fertility, nowadays I don’t bother. Some of the eggs are very dirty – ducks will lay anywhere and are not as clean as chickens. That in itself is a bit of an experiment: will the very dirty eggs hatch?

*Technically I have only hatched 5 of them. 2 extra ducks were bought from the chap who sold me the 2 ducklings to go with Joey the lone Muscovy, see post before last. (Can’t remember if I mentioned that I also got 2 WH adult females as well as the 2 ducklings.) (No, I didn’t…) Altogether I have 2 Welsh Harlequin drakes and 5 WH ducks. And today I have proof that the drakes are doing their part effectively!!


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