Californian Quail 21-22 May 2016

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June 5, 2016 by janem213

As mentioned in the posts about the Ornamentals, the group of birds I bought included 2 Californian Quail. The 2 were both females which although quite drab compared with the males are still lovely birds. Sadly when I transferred the birds to their new enclosure somehow they escaped. They were spotted soon after on the road : (  but I doubted that even if they didn’t get run over that they would still be alive now : ) Just 2 days ago though I was in the little orchard out the back (the back garden) and I swear I heard their distinctive ka-HEEEE-ha call! It would be amazing if they were still alive!

I decided to hatch some more to add to the enclosure when old enough. I got 3 lots of 12 eggs from different breeders and had 11 hatch, some from each lot.

Of the 4 different sorts of eggs in the incubator during the power cut I thought these, being so tiny, we’re likely to be most adversely affected. 24 hours after the power cut I candled one of these eggs and to my delight saw the developing embryo wiggle! I don’t tend to candle quail eggs as it can adversely affect them. With this group I did one very brief candle at lockdown – dark egg, hopefully alive and developing ok; light egg, infertile so removed.

Here are some photos:


First few hatched


One nearly hatched


5 all in a row!


A couple of days old just about to be cleaned out


4 and 5 days old


9/10 days old. Looks like the males are already developing their crests 🙂


They’ve just had a growth spurt. Now massive compared to how tiny they were when hatched… and only 2 weeks old.

36 eggs in the incy 27 April

24 good at lock down

21-22 May 11 hatched


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