More West of England geese 27-29 May 2016

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June 12, 2016 by janem213

I decided to hatch some more West of England geese…

I got 8 eggs from someone called James on ebay, 8 from someone else on ebay who annoyingly turned out to be someone I’ve got eggs from off their website last time, from which only 2 out of 4 hatched. I also got with from Helen whose 4 eggs all hatched last time.

James’ eggs were brilliant, 7/8 being good at lockdown, but only 1/8 of the second lot were any goodthen and surprisingly not one of Helen ‘s 3 eggs.

The 1/8 did hatch and 4 of the 7/8, 2 boys and 3 girls. A couple of days later though one of the boys died, as can happen…. The remaining four are doing brilliantly. So nice to have more goslings  : )

As you may remember from the previous post about WOE geese, these are an autosexing breed – i.e., the sex of the bird is apparent at birth. There were issues last time with the 4/4 hatched lot of birds whose colours are all wrong (the darker ones look like they are boys and the two white with odd grey feathers probably girls – more on that another time but suffice to say it looks like Jimmy and Eric may well be Ginny and Erica!) With these it was quite clear, though the photos are not great, sorry…


Not long hatched. 3 darker girls and 1 boy at this point?



2 girls and 2 boys?

I spoke to James and he said the best way to tell was by the colour of the bill – st this point I had 2 girls and 2 boys and a later hatched girl.


One of the girls not 24 hours and already huge.


Here are the final four, William the boy named after a poorly gosling I read about on ‘Backyard Chickens’ and 3 girls. They seem to get bigger and bigger each day.

19 eggs in the incy 27 April

Before lockdown (the last 3 days), just 8 of the 19 developing well.

27-29 May, 5 hatched though one does a few days later…


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