Rose Bay Willow Herb and Marsh Orchids : )

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July 6, 2016 by janem213

There’s such a lot to write but am so busy at the moment.  Hopefully soon… Aside from anything else it’s possible that some of the ornamental ducks have produced lots of lovely ducklings. But I couldn’t say…….. yet! In the mean time a quick post:

Rose Bay Willow Herb was one of those plants that we’d see on summer holidays and I’d ask mum and dad (being no Alan Titchmarsh) “what’s that one?” again and again. It is always a lovely reminder of summer and it was great to see lots of it here last year when I was looking at and had then bought the house. And here it is growing….

Another joy this summer is seeing the Marsh Orchids, a new plant to me that I discovered here last year:
It all makes me feel so lucky – every time I go on the field I seem to discover a new plant or animal that I haven’t seen there before…. so lucky : )


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