New (adult) ducks – Miniature Silver Appleyards and (finally!) the right WH boy for the girls


July 19, 2016 by janem213

Have finally found a decent boy for the 5 Welsh Harlequins [WH]. (Probably 4 soon, 1 is likely to go to Lou and 4:1 will be a better ratio). He is not just decent but very special. From a top WH breeder with more rosettes for her birds than she has wall space to put them on!! Here he is with his sister in the June copy of The Smallholder and his rosettes, one for Best Light Duck in show and a Gorau o’r Brid (Best of Breed) for the Welsh Harlequin Duck Society:
He’s just a year old and currently moulting so looks nothing like that (as below) but just what I need to produce of not top quality girls. The original 2 boys (of the Jack and Jill posts) went to a pet home a couple of months ago and Jenny will be going to Lou – When WH hatch the bill colour should be clearly different for males and females but in the Jenny hatch they weren’t (which is why I ended up with 2 boys and Jenny) and so are not good/pure Welsh Harlequins. I have been holding onto Jenny for sentimental reasons – she’s the one I managed to bring back to life – but she will have a lovely time at Lou’s with all her other ducks : )

I also bought a trio of quality Silver Appleyards, the first duck breed that caught my eye when I started hatching though they’re quite rare so in the end it was easier to get hold of Call duck eggs to hatch and they have lots of lovely different colours too… but these were the first. They are a bantam version of the much larger Silver Appleyard. The 3 ducks I got are, like the male WH, from quality show lines, the boy unrelated to the two girls. They are frustratingly shy and I’ve put them in a 20 feet/6metre square enclosure with lots of cover so I expect it will be some time until they’re less nervous. They were a pain getting to bed the first night but better last night. Here they are:


It was an hour and a half journey home from mid Wales but they seemed straight at home in the enclosure…

…and Quincy (the male WH) has settled in brilliantly. He couldn’t believe his eyes when I released him into the orchard…
Oooh! Girls!!!!


One thought on “New (adult) ducks – Miniature Silver Appleyards and (finally!) the right WH boy for the girls

  1. Jenny says:

    Smart boy! 🙂

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