Ornamentals’ (Mandarins) Ducklings update


July 21, 2016 by janem213

The Mandarin ducklings are doing well. Not tame of course, they have a large enclosure with a lot of ground cover do if around when I enter at their food/drinking water end they will waddle away towards the pond end… but they are getting less shy as they get older.

They are still under the watchful eye of the one Mandarin female. When I’m outside the enclosure looking in and they’re on the pond or sitting by the pond I try and count them and can often count 15 or 16. I think 17 hatched so one may have died early on, nothing compared to the losses they would have suffered in the wild.


This was two and half weeks ago, hard to tell exactly how many ducklings…

They are getting tamer. Yesterday I was cleaning out their pond as I do twice a week and they got in as soon as I was refilling it. I stayed some time with them and took a few photos as am rarely this close to them.


The Mandarin female is top left.


Here’s a photo of what is probably all of them – 16 in all.


A detail of the 3 white ones. I should probably refrain from saying ‘I have my ducks in a row’ … though they are! 2 are from the first hatch. Before the 3 are indistinguishable I plan to ring the younger one (that will be fun, even just catching it but hopefully fairly straight forward and as stressless as possible for it). Will keep the 3 white until they are sexable and then hopefully have and keep a pair – the younger one and one of the older ones which are unrelated. There’s a 3/4 chance that there’ll be a pair, 1/4 that they are all female or all male. Paul could then have the other one. Paul will have some of the others but the bulk will be sold. It is 2.30am as I write – I’ve woken, middle of the night thinking “Catching those ducklings is going to be fun”?!! Back to sleep now…


One thought on “Ornamentals’ (Mandarins) Ducklings update

  1. Jennytc says:

    Ciwt iawn! 🙂

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