Meeting Andrea

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July 24, 2016 by janem213

4 years ago I bought my first hatching eggs from a woman who I’ll call Andrea. 24 hours to let the eggs rest and 28 days of incubation later Charlie and the others hatched… The other day I actually got to meet her : )

Lou wanted some Black East Indy (BEI) eggs – she and Carl still missed Indy the male BEI who I hatched that first hatch. I gave him them along with Brownie who they still have and the girls Lucky and Dinky who they kept for about a year until they could take the noise no longer – Call duck females are notoriously L*O*U*D!!! The girls went to a friend of theirs in the country and the same time I put some of their last eggs in an incy, 4 weeks later hatching the offspring of Lucky and Indy, Bonnie and Clyde (black bibbed and brown bibbed Call duck x BEI). That was 3 years ago. About a year later Indy went missing – both Calls and BEIs are so light they can fly and need their wings clipping regularly. We put leaflets round the neighbourhood but never found him…

So……… I tried to get some BEI  eggs for Lou, but without success as it is too late in the season. I did however find an ad for one female Black East Indie. I made enquiries to check she was still available (she was) and with Lou, that she did definitely want her (she did) – and at some point realised that the breeder was Andrea, who I’d had my very first eggs from!!! and offered to collect the duck for Lou so I could meet Andrea.

Often when you meet like minded people, passionate about the birds (or other interest) they have you can be there an hour, with Andrea I was there the whole morning. I got there soon after 10 and didn’t leave until 1.30ish. Part of that was I was very taken with another duck in her advert… but more of that in a second.

It was lovely meeting her, she is a lovely lady. (Not the best sentence I have ever writ!) She has llamas…! And Giant Exhibition Dewlap Toulouse geese that I’ve hatched several times and would keep if I had the room and could keep them fox safe. (Llamas are supposed to deter foxes from visiting but not always successfully)… She has lots of ducks and a few chickens. Here are some photos:




She also had a cat who enjoyed a particular place to sit!!


One of the reasons I was there so long was the duck with the extraordinary colouring – black bibbed  with a large brown patch on his chest. I was very tempted to get him. Here’s a detail of the photo from the advert:


He now has more white patches coming through his bib. He was indeed male so could have gone in with Charlie and the others… but then I saw 2 lovely girls – the blue bibbed with the unusual white stripe (top right) and the lavender (bottom right). This made my decision 3 times as hard… but I did the sensible thing and didn’t get any.


I ended up taking just the BEI for Lou and Carl. It was a long journey to theirs with lots of traffic and road works on the motorway but she settled in straight away (much like Quincey meeting the WH girls). They have called her Matilda. Here she is yesterday…


One last thing…
***Thank you Andrea!*** It was so lovely to meet you. And thank you, for those first eggs and for Charlie and everyone.


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