Large (and Giant) Fowl: Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Red, Brahmas and some more of my JGs 4-7 August 2016

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August 31, 2016 by janem213

After an uncharacteristically long break from hatching anything I decided on a mega hatch: some chicks. And quail. And guinea fowl. And something more exotic. See later posts!!

All were large or giant breeds:: Rhode Island Red and barred Plymouth Rock both of which I’ve had success with, and Brahmas, which I had a disastrous hatch with. I also added a few of my own Jersey Giants’ eggs. I also got another 12 Buff Sussex from a breeder I’d had eggs from before which hatched only a few chicks but one that was super friendly and I wish I’d kept.

Variously  66% /50% /just over a third /66% hatched – and 0% of the Buff Sussex :(((

Here are some photos…


First one to hatch


One day old Rhode Island Red


Lots of different colours


Lots of different chicks, 26 in all!


Randomly all the dark ones on the left and all the light on the right … and a light colour one thinking of deflecting!

30 Brahma eggs, 5 lots of 5 different colours eggs, 6 of each in the incy 14th July.

At lockdown 16 looked good.

11 hatched 4-5 August. Although the 5 lots of eggs were from the same breeder and sent together there were varied results: 6/6 Buff Colombian 🙂 0/6 Lemon Pyle 😦
(and 3 Dark, 1 Splash and 1 Light)

Also 12 Plymouth Rock, 12 Buff Sussex, 6 of my own Jersey Giants and 6 Rhode Island Red in the incy 14th July

At lockdown 18 of all of these looked.

5-7 August 15 hatched – 8 Plymouth Rock, 3 RIR, 4 Jersey Giants but not a single Buff Sussex…


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