Mexican Speckled Bobwhite Quail 6-11 August 2016


September 1, 2016 by janem213

Another going at hatching my favourite colour Bobs after a disastrous hatch earlier this year…

I got 2 lots of eggs so that ultimately I should have unrelated pairs. One lot was more successful but have got some of each.


First to hatch. This shows the divide I did between the 2 lots of eggs. I have done this before but
even very tiny they still manage to get over. This time I removed and marked with purple dye any from the group with fewer. The trick is to remember to reapply the dye to that group as they age, lose their fluff and get their feathers. With larger birds you could put leg rings on but these are so tiny.


As I say…… tiny! This one was hatched on my birthday and is not a day old.


About 6-10 days old.


Approximately 3 weeks old. They are now huge (comparatively).

Two lots of eggs, 17+12 eggs in the incy 14 July.

At lockdown 13+9 still looking good.

6-11 August 12+5 hatched.


2 thoughts on “Mexican Speckled Bobwhite Quail 6-11 August 2016

  1. I’ve hatched Button quail and Coturnix. I’m considering the Mexican Speckled. How big do they get? Thanks!

    • janem213 says:

      Bobwhite adults are 9-11 inches in length. The Northern is native to the US. Mutations include the snowflake and my favourite, the Mexican Speckled which is (in my opinion) the prettiest – orange, brown, black and white in colour. Bobs tend to be more skittish than Cortunix but less than Californian. Happy hatching!

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