Guinea Fowl 10-15 August 2016


September 2, 2016 by janem213

Decided to have another try at hatching guinea fowl. I got 3 lots of eggs from different breeders. Lou had one lot of 12 eggs and I had the other two, a 12 and a 6.

Previously I had had one successful GF hatch which was for Paul but none since. Hopefully with 3 lots of eggs this would be better… and it was!

First few to hatch

Treacle (as always, though she doesn’t look enamoured here) loves the babies. This one had got a bit stuck so I was just helping it.

6 went to Lou’s to go in with hers in a large brooder…

There are about 13 in all – 6 of them the ones above.

… and I’ve kept 3 to keep as long as possible: a lavender, a white from another group with a black spot on its head  and a white faced one that hatched long after the others. I will keep them as long as I can, hopefully they won’t be too noisy too soon!!

They are nearly 3 weeks old now. Should really have brought one of the ones Lou hatched back when I took the 6 to be with hers then I’d know they are all totally unrelated but the white faced one was so tiny, hatching days after the others, and I wasn’t sure if it would survive and even if it did it was so much smaller it wasn’t likely to thrive with all the others being so much larger.

18 (12+6) eggs in the incy 14 July.

At lockdown 13 (9+4) were looking good.

6–11 August, 9 (8+1) hatched.


2 thoughts on “Guinea Fowl 10-15 August 2016

  1. Louise says:

    Love your blogs xx

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