What’s in a name?!

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October 30, 2016 by janem213

Most of the birds have names that have been carefully chosen, sometimes very quickly and other  times not so…

There are the obvious names:
Snowy the pure white Call duck, Dotty the blue splash Jersey Giant.

There are the ones named after TV charcters:
Henry my Jersey Giant cock after his namesake in Madam Secretary, a man of extraordinary integrity and compassion; Irene one of my pet hens after her namesake in Home and Away, a strong, capable survivor of a woman.

There are some named after particular special people I’ve met over the years…

… and there are those who I have let others name, such as the Lemon Millefleur Sablepoot cock who is now called Elton because being a booted bantam he looks like he’s wearing a pair of extraordinarily flared trousers!

But generally the birds’ names are thoughtfully chosen. The last group of chickens to name was the Brahma boy and the large fowl girls I’m keeping – the girls have carefully considered names but I couldn’t think of a name for the boy……….. until one day I was at the bank and was served by a very helpful man. [I decided there and then that whatever his name was I would name the Brahma after him.] I asked him his name. “Matthew” [What?! Can’t call him that!!!!]

Here is young Matty:


Asia on the left, Santana in the middle and Matty on the right – Asia, a soldier KIA, not even 20 years old; Santana, a 12 year old Native American girl who took her own life and Matty a nice chap who was very helpful at the bank.


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