Last hatch of the year – Welsh Harlequin ducks 30 September 2016


November 1, 2016 by janem213

Uncharactistically I haven’t hatched as long into the autumn/winter as in previous years. This is mostly down to the fact that I’ve managed to (almost) completely sort breeding groups of all the birds I am keen to have.

My last (I think) hatch this year then was Welsh Harlequins – a test hatch to see if Quincey was doing his job, so as to speak. It was a few weeks ago and as usual I’m a bit behind on posting about it…

It was one of the best duck hatches I have ever had, so easy. 7 perfect ducklings popped out of their eggs within a matter of hours. Here is one of the first ones to hatch:

Here they are not even 2 days old and already making a mess:

Enjoying a shower…

…and a bath

All 7 went a few days ago. Here they are as they left:

24 eggs in the incy 1st September. 24 very dirty duck eggs. These were 6 lots of 4 eggs all laid on a single day (26 August – 1st September inclusive, excluding 31st August)

At day 11 9 looked good and 2 unlikely but possible (2 from each day, except 27th August was 0, 30th August was 3 – i.e., no difference at this point between eggs hatched 0 days or 7 days prior to the start of incubation.)

By lockdown 8 eggs still looked good (forgot to check which ones)

Of these 7 perfect ducklings hatched on 30th September, all on the same day. Arguably the best duck hatch I have ever had : )


One thought on “Last hatch of the year – Welsh Harlequin ducks 30 September 2016

  1. Jennytc says:

    So cute, but I suppose they grow up very quickly so don’t remain cute for long. 😉

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