Massive Matty, the giant Brahma cockerel

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January 23, 2017 by janem213

There is division in the chicken world over which is the largest breed – most would say Jersey Giants but others Brahmas. It is probably no accident that the extra cockerel I have in with my pet hens – all different pure breeds of large fowl – is a Brahma given my fascination with giant animals, e.g., chickens (Henry and girls), geese (the wonderful Giant Exhibition Dewlap Toulouse, sadly too giant for here), cats (Barti and Zack the Maine Coons) and the long term desire for a Great Dane (never likely to happen!)

Matty was hatched in the summer and is what is known as Buff Columbian in colour – black tail and other points, with his body a striking vibrant ginger colour. He is a gentle laid back boy, as Brahmas tend to be, and very happy with Asia and Santana for company. They are in the same section of the chainlink enclosure as Irene, Meggy, Peggy and the Dorking but for now, until his hormones kick in, he tends to stay with his 2 hatch mates. He is massive – here are some photos…

Asia to the right dwarfed by Matty. To the left is the large plastic dog kennel I bought for £10 and converted into a duck house.
Matty and Treacle. He is a huge bird.
As it happens I was in the bank again for the first time in ages and served by a very helpful man. I wondered if he was Matthew who Matty is named after (see What’s in a Name?) My eyesight isn’t great… as he went to get a printed copy of my statement I grabbed a quick photo of his coat and name badge which I checked once outside.
It was him! I could have asked him I suppose but then I wouldn’t have had the photo for here. Neither did I want to get into a conversation of how I have named my giant cock(erel) after him!!


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