Getting everything ready for the ornamentals…

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February 6, 2017 by Jane M

The ornamentals should start laying fairly soon… so what do they need apart their massive enclosure 43′ x 20′ (13m × 6m), top quality breeders pellets, fresh water and a bit of privacy?!

Yesterday I checked the 6 nestboxes were sound and still waterproof, cleaned them out as necessary and put fresh bedding in…
Currently there are several pairs of Mandarins, including silver, Carolina Wood ducks, Fulvous Whistling ducks, Northern Pintails and Ringed Teal. Everything is now set up for them.
Each of the 6 nest boxes are different. 3 have logs/other to access and 3, like this one, I made ramps for. This one is the highest off the ground and I suspect was only ever used as a shelter by the Californian quail! They have all survived the cold and wet and little bits of snow and are thriving. There are 2 cocks and 5 hens.

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