One YEAR on. Where have I been? … BIG, BIG NEWS!!

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May 13, 2018 by janem213

I haven’t stopped this past year, working on the land and finishing bits in the house too, and now …

Am moving!

I have been here coming up to 3 years and in that time have transformed it from a run down cottage in desperate need of thorough modernisation and repair with nothing done for a decade or more outside (except the mowing of the grass in the orchard), totally overgrown and everything to do. Have worked so hard and it is now lovely and having now come into a bit of money am desperate for somewhere with more land; this will be a gift to someone who wants to walk in and have everything set up and ready for their animals/more animals. I would have given my right arm if this had been available when I was looking through I have learnt so much doing all that has to be done. Now, I too want to go to somewhere where I can just walk in with the 3 dogs, 3 cats, geese, chickens, ducks, ornamental pheasants and quail – but although I’ve been told mine should sell for £250k I can’t find anywhere with even only a bit more land for less than £400k :((( Where are the like properties for 300-350?!??!!! I have found something just under 400 that I am keen on and am now wanting to sell mine asap. I would like to not go through an estate agent if possible, just need a buyer. I’ll put info on here for prospective buyers which with all the old posts will give them an amazing picture of what the land was like and a lot of what has been over the past few years. (A big Hello if you are a prospective buyer – hope you find my blog useful in thinking if it is for you.)

Watch this space! More info soooooooon!


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