Smallholding for Sale


May 14, 2018 by janem213

Small smallholding for sale in North East Wales, 3 miles from town in the middle of nowhere – 2 bed semi, modernised throughout – new kitchen, new bathroom, LPG and central heating put in, 2 open fires, total rewire, conservatory added leading to outdoor beautifully paved and landscaped area. Outside – orchard garden with mature fruit trees, apples, plums, damson. 2 sheds, large greenhouse, 16ft×6ft aviary with concrete floor, 1 acre, well fenced paddock subdivided with water to it, 113ft×20ft chicken run of 8ft chain link dug into the ground and subdivided for different breeding groups, chicken houses, 3.6m square shelter needing repair, materials on site (as existing, no planning permission required) and much more. Price £250,000 but make me an offer – looking for quick sale as have seen a place with more land that I am very keen on. Any questions please ask.

More info and photos soon…


2 thoughts on “Smallholding for Sale

  1. Jenny says:

    Wow! How exciting! I hope you find your dream buyer – and soon. 🙂

    • janem213 says:

      Thanks Jenny – wish this has been available I was looking. Someone with birds, a couple of pygmy goats, dogs etc etc could more or less just walk in with everything done.

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